Women In Need launched the first ever mobile app addressing gender based violence in Sri Lanka in 2017.

(L to R): Savithri Wijesekera, Executive Director – Women In Need, Prof. Maithri Wickremesinghe, Dinesha de Silva Wickremanayake, Country Representative – The Asia Foundation

Launch of Mobile App under the auspice of Minister of Law and Order Sagala Ratnayaka at the Women's Day Celebrations on March 8, 2017.

App to aid women in seeking help against GBV

Women in Need is a non governmental organisation that has been tirelessly striving to eliminate all forms of violence against women and children and provide a support system for victims. They recently launched an app - 2six4 - which is set to be the country's first ever 'digital solution that equips women and girls to seek help against domestic violence, incest, rape, street harassment and all forms of abuse at any given time.'

Life Online spoke to Sumaiya Pallak, Project Officer, Women In Need, who reiterated our sentiments about the high prevalence of violence against women in the country, adding that "While the country has a strong island-wide network of both state and civil society organisations working on GBV (Gender Based Violence) issues, a major challenge is the lack of access to information for victims and pronounced gaps in communication between victims and service providers." This glaring lack of communication requires a more nuanced and accessible mode of support, and Pallak agrees that technology based help is the next step. "With the growth of mobile technology and the widespread usage of smartphones in Sri Lanka, the design of mobile based apps is seen as an ideal vehicle to bridge this gap of information and communication between service providers and victims of GBV." ......... READ MORE


Gender-based violence to be hard hit as SL's first mobile based app approaches softly

The soft launch of Sri Lanka's first mobile-based application to combat gender-based violence took place in Colombo on January 30.The event was jointly organised by Women In Need and The Asia Foundation.The app named 2 Six 4 was launched to provide services needed by victims of violence.The Executive Director at the Women In Need noted that the app will help victimised women to get over their problems.She asked all those victimised to be empowered enough to use the application.“We did a police training last week with about eighty police officers and made them aware about it and spoke to them and we have connected it to the hotline of the police”, she added.Legal advice and all other essential services can be obtained by calling on 011-2 444 444.The official launch of the app will be held on March 8 in line with the International Women's Day........ READ MORE , WATCH VIDEO


Help for women in distress

The Women in Distress Organisation, Women and Child Bureau of the Police and the Asia Foundation have taken initiatives to introduce a mobile app to help provide security to women who undergo violence and harassment........ READ MORE



Sirasa TV's Sirasalindaya interview with Women In Need on 2six4 and the details of the app.

2six4 app video

A simple, reliable and responsive mobile app to combat gender based violence in Sri Lanka.



Former U.N. Secretary Ban Ki Moon's wife Ban Soon Taek visited Women In Need in 2016 to understand gender based violence in Sri Lanka and the role of Women In Need in combatting violence against women.


Women In Need Executive Director Savithri Wijesekera with Mrs Ban Soon Taek



The Duchess of Cornwall Camilla Parker visited Women In Need in 2013 to see the workings of Women In Need and its services in supporting victims of violence. Her visit to WIN was a major highlight of our calendar as it showcased the credibility and recognition WIN had earned with the Government of Sri Lanka and the British High Commission.

(L to R): Women In Need Project Manager Dilrukshi De Alwis, Duchess of Cornwall Camilla Parker, Women In Need Executive Director Savithri Wijesekera




‘Walk for WIN – 2014' was organised by Women In Need in order to raise funds for the organisation, and witnessed a participation of approximately 2000 participants. There was an unprecedented turn out of participants at the event, while it also received wide electronic and social media coverage. Wide awareness was spread about Women In Need and the services provided by WIN throughout the country.




The conference was inaugurated by Savithri Wijesekera – Executive Director of WIN, Laila Gunasekera – Vice President, Grant Group, Sonali Dissanayake – Chairperson – Walk for WIN 2014 and popular actress Ms.Pooja Umashankar.




‘Walk a Mile in her Shoes – 2012' was organised by Women In Need in recognition of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. The theme of the walk was for men to walk a mile in women's shoes – so that men would understand what it feels like to be a woman, facing the challenges before her and witnessed a total of 500



Savithri Wijesekera, Executive Director, Receives Americans for UNFPA International Award for the Health and Dignity of Women

Savithri Wijesekera, Sri Lanka, Honoree
I do hear a lot of sad stories—but when a person says, ‘WIN is the reason I have strength to go on,’ that is the happiest thing I can hear!”
Savithri Wijesekera is an attorney and the Executive Director of Women in Need (WIN) in Sri Lanka. The country’s foremost advocate to end gender-based violence, Ms. Wijesekera empowers women, educates public and civic leaders, and mobilizes youth and men for the protection of women’s right to live free of violence.
UNFPA began lending its support to WIN following the massive tsunami of 2004, which crippled the economic and social development of this country. Funds were dedicated to help ensure women’s security during rebuilding efforts.
WIN creates Safe Spaces throughout the country, where survivors of violence access crisis support, including psychological counseling, legal services, and shelter. WIN also established crisis centers in major hospitals, counseling desks at police stations, and community relief centers. Sri Lanka saw the passage of its first Domestic Violence Act in 2005, thanks in part to Ms. Wijesekera’s legal expertise.
With help from UNFPA, WIN addresses widespread complacency about violence against women by engaging youth and men in peer workshops and performances. Through music and plays, the performers entertain and build comradery among audiences of all ages. Their stirring performances raise public awareness and challenge deeply held notions about gender.
Friends of UNFPA (formerly Americans for UNFPA) is honored to present this award to Savithri Wijesekera for supporting survivors of violence, and for empowering and preparing future generations to have zero tolerance for violence.