WIN FOR HER by Women In Need (WIN) is the social enterprise arm of WIN. The experience of providing these victims with psychological counselling and legal services over the years, has convinced us that ‘batterers and abusers’ commonly use their economic status and power to subject their victims to further abuse, and prevent them from leaving the abusive relationship.

WIN started a Recycled Paper and Product Manufacturing Project in 2011, and explored ways to incorporate an income generating opportunity for these victims as part of their rehabilitation and empowerment journey. From WIN’s Domestic Violence Support Group Programmes based in Matara and Colombo, 15 victim-survivors were professionally trained to manufacture the recycled paper and by-products, to add value to their hard work in mastering the process of producing paper. This enhanced their new status of being employed and independent women.

The manufacturing of recycled paper and produtcs involves the use of A4 waste paper also known as post-consumer paper, infused with banana fiber. Today, these women make recycled paper in varying textures, colours and grades as well as stationary and gift items.

This process has given these women the opportunity to find financial stability, self-assurance, faith in themselves, and a sense of worth. They then become economically empwowered to end their dependency on their spouses, giving them the right and opportunity to live abuse-free lives.

At WIN, our primary purpose is to work in the best interests of these women. Therefore all proceeds from the sale of all paper and handmade products help support the victims who work hard on this project, and towards the sustainability of the organization.