WIN provides essential crisis intervention support services to victims of violence so that women who are crippled by their situations are made strong, independent and protected.

Apart from the support that WIN provides for its victims, WIN also creates a sense of importance for why women need to be independent and strong – through livelihood programmes and social enterprise initiatives for victims to take up some form of employment in order to support them and their families.

WIN also effectively works with key stakeholders in society, including law enforcement officers, medical officers and middle-level government officers in order to get closer to achieving its goal of a violence free society. WIN has been persistently working at the advocacy level, contributing significantly in state dialogue on gender and violence, pushing for law and policy changes, and leading discussions on action plans to ensure equal fundamental rights for women and girls in Sri Lanka.

WIN does not only stop at the advocacy level, but also ensures to work at the community level, educating and sensitising men and women, teenage girls and boys, and school students, in order to help understand the need for a gender equal society at every strata in society.